Why Do You Need a Towel at the Gym?

A towel at the gym is much more than a simple tool to dry yourself off after a workout. It’s an essential part of your workout. A towel can help keep you safe while working out in the gym, but it can also make your workouts more effective and enjoyable.

5 Reasons Why Do You Need a Towel at the Gym

1. Fresh Towels Help Keep You Cleaner

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the necessity of using fresh towels every day. Some say that washing your hands and face is enough. Some say that no one has the time for that and it takes too much water and energy to do so. The fact of the matter is, though, that fresh towels can keep you cleaner than a hand-washing or face-washing routine alone.

A study at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) found in 2008 that “germs grow on used towels.” In fact, researchers found “up to 40 percent more bacteria in moist washcloths” than dry ones “after just a few hours.”

This is because oils, dirt, dead skin cells, sweat, makeup residue and other substances from your skin get absorbed into the cotton fabric.

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2. A Towel Can Help You Take Care of Your Skin While Working Out

A towel can help you take care of your skin while working out. It can help you dry your sweat, and it can also be used to wipe the sweat off of your face and neck. You should use a towel to cleanse and refresh yourself after exercising. A towel can keep you cool during a workout, and it will also prevent you from getting dehydrated.

Some people prefer to use a gym towel, but any kind of cloth will work just as well. A bath sheet is the best option because they are long enough for even the tallest person to wrap around their whole body.

3. It Prevents Bug Bites and Unwanted Germs

Bug bitten skin is a painful process that can leave scars. Unwanted germs are not something a lot of people want to experience and it can leave you feeling sick. With this in mind, bug bites and germs should be avoided at all costs. One simple way to do this is by using clothing with insect repellent built into the fabric.

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4. The Right Towel Will Prevent Perspiration Stains on Clothing

One of the most common causes of perspiration stains on clothing is the wrong fabric. Let’s say you are out jogging in the summer, and you put on a cotton shirt. That shirt will get wet from your sweat and when it cools down, it will contract and tighten around your body, which will then cause that wet cotton to rub against your skin.

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You can avoid this by wearing a cotton-knit shirt or material that is made out of microfiber or nylon–materials that will absorb moisture quickly to keep you dry.

5. Taking a Shower after the Gym Helps Prevent Infections That Could Happen Due to Sweaty Skin and Hair Gunk Mixed Together

Taking a shower after a workout is not just for those who don’t want to smell like sweat. It can also help you stay healthy. Sweat contains substances that are toxic to the body including proteins, ammonia, salt, and urea which can cause dermatitis or infections on the skin. These substances can be left behind on your skin and clothing when you work out without taking a shower afterwards, leading to concerns about health and hygiene.


Towel types: There are three general types of gym towels:

-Waffle Towels-

Terry Towels explanation

-Velour Towels

Durability: The towel should be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of the typical workout. This includes being able to handle sweat, oils, and bacteria. Some people prefer towels that don’t show dirt or other signs of wear. If you like your towel to appear as new as possible, then you may prefer a towel with more color options and higher quality materials.

Gym towels come in a variety of sizes including small, medium, large, extra-large, jumbo and king-sized. The size that is most suitable for you will depend on a number of factors including how much space you have to put it and how much weight you want it to hold.

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If you want to take care of your gym towel, you should always remember these five simple steps.

1. Laundry – wash your gym towel at least once a week, preferably with cold water and no fabric softener.

2. Air-drying – after washing, hang it outside in the sunshine for a few hours or use the low-heat setting on your dryer.

3. Deodorize – put baking soda in the dryer or vinegar in the laundry to eliminate odors.

4. Make it softer – use white vinegar to make it feel softer and more absorbent when drying it before using it for a workout session again.

5. Store correctly – fold your towel and store it lying flat rather than up so that its fibers don’t get pulled in different directions, which can cause the material to weaken.

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