Personal Training & Testimonials

Personal Training & Testimonials
Simply Fit Astoria offers 1 on 1 Personal Training packages & Small Group Training (2-4 people). Small Group training will give you personalized workout for 2-4 people, all while being challenging and providing you with that competitive push you get from a group fitness class, but at a discounted rate.

We have 2 certified Personal Trainers on team Simply Fit, ready to get you in better shape this year.

Lisa Eskenazi is the Owner of Simply Fit Astoria, specializing in cardio fitness and core work. She is certified in Personal Training through ACE, the American Council on Exercise. She has additional certifications in Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Sentao, Silver Sneakers, Piloxing, Mat Pilates and General Group Exercise.

Lauren Fijol, originally from Chicago, is a certified Personal Trainer with NASM ( National Academy of Sports Medicine) for 2 years. Her focuses are on weight loss for women as well as injury prevention. In the fall, she will officially be a NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. Background in dance and theatre.

Please inquire at the front desk or with a trainer for rates and scheduling.


“The variety of classes offered is great for beginners or for those who want a little extra push. unlike most classes I have taken in other places -which tend to be repetitive for long periods of time – at Simply fit the routines are constantly changing, which to people like me who get bored easily is a huge plus!.I have been coming here for only a few months but I can easily see a huge difference in the way that I look and feel. Working out at simply fit has now become part of my daily life, it has improved my health, physic and all around attitude in choices. Like anything else in life Its up to you how much you want to push yourself,which is why this place is perfect, any level of fitness that you are in,there is a class for you to take and an opportunity to challenge yourself. I recommend this for beginners and health buffs alike.”

– Aracelly A

“The classes at SFA are both fun and challenging and are accessible to people of all fitness levels. I started at SFA in November 2011, and have since lost over 50 lbs., but more importantly have gained confidence and energy. The instructors are encouraging and give more personal attention than I have ever experienced at a gym. No matter what fitness level I was at, I have never felt like I didn’t belong in a class. I always leave feeling like I have had an amazing time and a great workout!”

– Nicole K

“This studio has the best classes and instructors out of any gym or fitness studio I have ever been to.  I have been working out religiously for approx. 10 years, and never have I experienced such challenging and diverse classes.
Obviously as all the others reviews say, the Zumba classes at Simply Fit Astoria, are the ones to beat. But its really all the extra stuff that make this place so special. Piloxing is boxing and dance together and im sure you are thinking..uumm what? YES, fantastic, this is going to be the next big thing in fitness.”

– Susan F